Subpod Bundle with Steel Garden Bed, Garden Aerator, & Worm Blankets - Free Shipping!


The Subpod Bundle includes the Subpod in-ground composting system with a high quality steel and aluminum garden bed, steel garden compost aerator, and 2 extra thick worm blankets.

Subpod is an innovative, outdoor, in-ground composting system that solves many traditional composting problems:

  • It's odor-free and effortless with 5- to 10-minute-a-week maintenance
  • It can compost up to 30 pounds of food waste a week, so it's suitable for households of 1 - 6
  • It has dual compost chambers that offer more space for your waste
  • Subpod eliminates the need to manage smelly compost piles or bins

Thanks to its careful design, vermicomposting has never been this easy. Compost worms and microbes live inside Subpod where they eat and process your organic waste.  The design allows them to travel out of the Subpod where they spread rich nutrients into your garden, and then return home to compost more waste.

Taking care of your waste is as simple as opening a lid, stirring your scraps in and taking a seat. All the hard work is done by the worms living in Subpod!

Subpod is also attractive but subtle – it is easily hidden by bushy plants and thriving vegetables, so you can focus on keeping your garden gorgeous.

How It Works:

Subpod works like a little compost factory. Your compost worms (sold separately), and the beneficial microbes that live alongside them, are the workers. They take food scraps and carbon items (like paper, leaves, and cardboard) and turn it all into rich compost that builds soil and helps plants thrive.

Being underground, Subpod creates a natural environment for compost worms. Having access to the soil means they can feed and breed as rapidly as they like, because there’s always room for their population to grow. Soil is an insulator, and in hot weather, compost worms will instinctively escape into soil to cool down. As the weather turns cold, it will keep your worms warm and active during winter (as long as the soil doesn’t freeze). Every time your worms leave Subpod, their movement aerates your garden soil and increases its nutrient content.

Subpod is an aerobic system, which means it promotes odorless microbes to boost the composting process, not smelly anaerobic ones. The unique 360 ventilation below Subpod's lid keeps fresh air cycling through your system and, with weekly aeration, your compost will only ever smell like a forest floor.

Product Details

Subpod measures approximately 2.5 feet by 1.5 feet by 1.4 feet (L x W x H), ships flat- packed, and has an easy 5-10 minute assembly.

Subpod Garden Bed measures approximately 4 feet by 3 feet by 1.5 feet (L x W x H) and is also easy to assemble.

Note - an existing garden bed is required, and worms are not included with Subpod Bundle.

What's in Your Shipment

Your shipment will include 1 Subpod in-garden compost system, 1 Supbpod Garden Bed, 1 Garden Compost Aerator, 2 Worm Blankets, and instructions for installing your Subpod Bundle.

You can also add live compost worms, worm bin bedding, or worm food to round out your vermicompost set-up.


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