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Compost Worm. Guide to Taking Care of Worm Compost Bin

Guide to Taking Care of Your Worm Bin & Compost Worms

Once you've set-up your worm binbought your compost online, and settled on a feeding and watering schedule, there're a few key steps involved in caring for your worm bin and creating happy, healthy worms....
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Guide to Watering Worm Compost Bin, How often to Water a Worm Bin, Watering a Worm Farm

Guide to Watering your Worm Compost Bin: When, How Often, and How Much

Worms need a damp, but not wet, environment to thrive. Think about your yard or a local park, if you dig down a few inches the ground is usually moist but not dripping wet. That's the level of moistness you're after in your worm bin.....

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Worms are Crawling Out of My Worm Bin (Part 2 of 4)

If worms are fleeing your worm bin it's most likely the result of temperature (too hot or cold), moisture near or on the bin, or pH issues. In this post we explore these issues and how to troubleshoot them.

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Worms are Dying in Worm Bin (Part 3 of 4)

Worms dying in your bin is one of the trickiest problems in worm composting to identify and deal with because in many cases it is difficult to see that the worms are dying. The most likely issue is what's known as "sour crop" (it's sometimes called protein poisoning. This condition is common but can be complex to diagnose.
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