Live Compost Worms


Live compost worms (e.g., Red Wigglers, manure worms, Blues, etc) are the best worms for composting due to their voracious appetites and ability to thrive in a wide range of conditions! Whether you’re looking to compost food scraps and organic waste or produce nutrient-rich worm castings for your plants, our live compost  worms are fantastic eaters! Pricing & available quantities are below.

Curious about composting with worms? Check out our "Why Worm Composting" article or the "Summary Guide to Getting Started" from our blog.

Why Brothers Worm Farm?

#1 - Service: We're committed to creating an incredible customer experience, including a fast and easy order process, timely and easy to understand communication, and outstanding customer service. Have questions about an order or vermicomposting in general? Reach out to and we're happy to help!

#2 - Quality: We breed healthy and active worms perfect for composting, gardening, fishing, or as a protein source for your pets.  

#3 - Shipping Guarantee: We ship year round via USPS Priority, USPS First Class and UPS 2-3 day.  We successfully deliver over 99% of all live worm orders and guarantee live delivery on all orders.

#4 - Price & Quantity Guarantee: We offer competitive pricing and commit to fully fulfilling each order. If you order 1 pound of compost worms with us, we will deliver a full 1 pound of worms to you.

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