Live Red Wiggler Worms for Sale

Red wigglers (aka red wrigglers, red worms, or compost worms) are highly sought after earthworms for their remarkable composting abilities and are widely recognized as the gold standard in vermicomposting. With voracious appetites for organic waste, red wiggler worms quickly transform kitchen scraps, garden debris, and other compostable materials into nutrient-rich, dark worm castings, known as "black gold" for plants.

We carefully breed and raise red wigglers using sustainable practices, and we take great pride in offering quality red wigglers for sale. Click here for sizes and pricing for red wigglers or scroll down to see our selection.

New to composting worms? Try our step by step Guide to Successful Worm Composting that covers everything you'll need to successfully compost with red wigglers at home. Have questions? Reach out to us anytime at and we're happy to help.

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