European Nightcrawler Composting & Fishing Worms

Live European nightcrawlers (aka Euros, ENCs, or night crawlers) are a versatile live worm for both fishing enthusiasts and avid worm composters. European nightcrawlers are prized as a fishing worm due to their lively nature and ability to stay alive in the water. Many of our customers even breed these nightcrawlers at home so they have a ready supply of fishing bait!

As a larger red worm than their red wiggler cousin, European night crawlers are voracious eaters and excel at breaking down organic waste quickly, turning it into rich worm castings for use in plants and gardens. These nightcrawlers are also excellent, active breeders.

We take great pride in providing active, healthy night crawlers for sale, and we carefully breed and raise the all of our live worms using sustainable practices.  We have several quantities of night crawlers for sale, from sizes as small as 75 nightcrawlers and as large as bulk orders of 8,000 or more live worms. Pricing and available quantities are below.

New to composting worms? Try our step by step Guide to Successful Worm Composting that covers everything you'll need to successfully compost with red wigglers at home. Have questions? Reach out to us anytime at and we're happy to help!

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