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European Nightcrawlers in Bulk

Looking to buy the best European Nightcrawlers in bulk? Look no further than our bulk European Nightcrawlers - the perfect worms for fishing enthusiasts and composters alike!

Our European Nightcrawlers are some of the largest and most active worms you'll find, making them a favorite bait of fishermen. And with our bulk European Nightcrawler pricing you can stock up on as many "ENCs" as you need for your next big fishing trip.

European Nightcrawlers Are Great Compost Worms, Too!

European nightcrawlers aren't just great for fishing – they're also excellent compost worms, helping to break down organic matter into nutrient-rich compost that will help your plants and gardens thrive. With our bulk European Nightcrawlers you can enjoy the benefits of these hardworking worms on a hook or in your garden  and compost bin!

Buying European Nightcrawlers in Bulk

Buying Bulk European Nightcrawlers are a great option for:

  • Bait shops looking to re-sell night crawlers to fisherman
  • Individuals or businesses looking to re-sell worms in their shop, market, or store
  • Anyone looking for bulk discount pricing on a large purchase of European Nightcrawlers for their own fishing or composting stock

We offer bulk European Nightcrawler prices in 5 pound and larger sizes. For bulk European Nightcrawler orders above 20 pounds please contact us (or email highfive@brotherswormfarm.com) for pricing and shipping information.

**Please note - we do not offer a guarantee on bulk nightcrawler delivery. We will only ship the worms when temperatures are safe for shipping. Bulk orders can also be picked up at our location near Austin, TX.**

Buying European Nightcrawlers FAQs

Q: How many European Nightcrawlers are there in 1 pound?

A: 1 Lb of European Nightcrawlers will average 300-350 worms.

Customer Reviews

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Roy Johnson
Everything I hoped for!

I ordered 5 pounds of the European Nightcrawlers. They arrived on time, well protected, and everyone of them looked great after the shipping. I followed the instructions that came with and now they're in their new home!