We've put together answers to frequently asked questions we receive about Brothers Worm Farm and composting with worms. If you have a question not answered below please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

Q. Do you have a local pickup option for compost worms?

A. Currently we are not offering a local pick-up option for worms, but all of our products can be ordered and shipped directly to your home or office. 

Q. How do I add compost worms to a garden?

A. Adding compost worms to a garden or lawn is a straightforward process. We recommend adding the compost worms during the day by gently placing the worms and any shipping bedding in a moistened spot of the garden. Compost worms don't like light so doing this during the daytime encourages them to disperse into the soil quickly. For moistening the ground, just dampen it with a hose. It doesn't need to be too wet, just moist like a wrung-out sponge.

Q. Do you have a guide or recommendations for a first-time worm composter?

A. We do! Our blog has articles covering feeding, watering and troubleshooting worm bins, and we also have a guide to getting started with worm composting.

Q. Do you ship red wigglers year-round?

A. We do! We ship worms for composting throughout the continental US 356 days per year. We ship packages using USPS Priority, UPS, and UPS 2-day depending on weather, location, and order size.

Q. Will compost worms survive outside in the winter or summer?

A. Compost worms are comfortable in temperature ranges similar to those humans are comfortable in (60-80 degrees F). For outdoor worm composting, survival depends on the worm composting set-up and temperature ranges. Compost worms need vertical depth options to dig to if surface conditions aren't suitable for them. If you can give the worms at least 3 feet of vertical depth in a space that is 5-10 feet wide the compost worms should be ok during summer and winter weather. Windrows and in-ground worm composting bins are great options for areas with extreme temperatures. If a bin is in a raised or similar bed that doesn't have much vertical depth then this could be problematic depending on the winter or summer temps in your area.

Looking for more info on outdoor worm composting? See our article "The Complete Guide to Outdoor Worm Composting with Bin Options, Tips, & What to Avoid".

Q. How do I keep red wiggler worms alive if I can't immediately get them into their new bin?

A. The safest option is to immediately transfer the compost worms into their new worm bin as soon as you receive them. If you aren't able to add your red wigglers to a bin or garden, we recommend keeping them in their shipping bag or dumping them and their bedding into a 5 gallon bucket inside your home where temps are 50-85 degrees. It is important to lightly water the bag or bedding as soon as you receive the worms so that they do not dry out and die. As long as the compost worms and their bedding stay moist they can generally survive for a few days in the bag (but there are risks so transferring them to a bin is the best option!).

Q. Do you offer tours or drop-in visits?

A. Unfortunately, we are not currently offering tours or drop-in visits.