Worm Castings for Sale

What are Worm Castings? Worm castings are the nutrient-rich by-product (aka poop) of earthworms. Castings are a natural, living soil amendment full of beneficial minerals, biology, & nutrients.

Worm castings are scientifically-proven to dramatically enhance plant growth and minimize plant disease, which is why they are coveted by the vineyard and cannabis industries, organic farms, and many others professional growers.

Brothers Worm Farm Worm Castings

  • Lab tested by independent soil laboratories
  • Loaded with beneficial biology 
  • Over 50 essential nutrients & minerals for plants
  • All-natural & non-toxic 
Helpful links: 1) Worm castings for sale & pricing, 2) Advice on how to apply worm castings, & 3) Worm castings in bulk 4) Questions?
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