Testimonials & Reviews

Brothers Worm Farm Customer Reviews & Testimonials

We love helping customers with all things vermicomposting! We know we're not perfect but we strive for 5 star interactions with every customer and order.

Below are a few testimonials from our customers: 

"Dear Brothers Worm Farm - I ordered some red wigglers a few months ago from you. They arrived healthy and I want to report doing well and propagating quickly. I live in Washington State. Thank you for delivering a good product and them arriving healthy." James - July 15, 2022

"Received my worms!  They are warm and snug in their new home. I appreciate the great customer service...so refreshing.  Will definitely recommend you to the gardening group in the neighborhood." Felicia - June 16, 2022

"Again, thank you! Really appreciate the follow-up - remarkable customer service!" Scott - May 25, 2022

"Shipping was FAST. I live a few hours away from their location, but I got the notification that they were being shipped shortly after placing my order, and they showed up to my door quickly! The little worms were well packed, looked healthy, and they ALL moved quickly. They didn't seem stressed, none were deceased, and there were no issues! I ordered a half pound of worms for my compost pile and garden and decided to order from Brothers Worm Farm, largely because I love their packaging :). They included a starter bag of worm food to get them started in their first week. They also included comprehensive instructions. I strongly recommend this product; I know that if I ever need worms again this is where I'm going." Christopher - May 19, 2022

"I researched the big worm suppliers in the States, asked general questions on Amazon particular to my situation (grab the worms, drive for 6 days). Brothers Worms, by far, stood out as the company I most wanted to spend money with. I'm 110% happy I chose them. They answered questions almost immediately and continued to answer them from their company email. Thank you for all the helpful guidance you gave me. It was truly comforting and priceless. I am stellarly impressed with Brothers Worms and would absolutely order from them again. Rating: 5 STARS +" Lisa - May 6, 2022

"These worms arrived happy and healthy in a reusable bag, and with minimal packaging (which I appreciate!). They also came with a sheet of instructions. I'm very excited to start this new adventure.  Thanks for an awesome product at a respectable price!" Trinity - April 16, 2022

"My worms arrived super healthy and are thriving in their new home. They are munching away. Thank you so much! Highly recommend this company for worm composting." D - April 8, 2022

"I have received my worms all in good condition they are in their bedding having a rush to the bottom. Thanks for the entire order process,  it was great to see a company that cares about there products. And I will recommend you guys to others." Richard - April 6, 2022

I'm about a week into my composting journey, and while they mostly hide when I look in, I routinely see some worms feeding on the table scraps and they seem to be thriving. I can 10/10 recommend purchasing your worms from Brothers Worm Farm!" JW - March 26, 2022

"You are absolute legends.  Never in my life have I had customer service like this. I guess the order got messed up due to my inability to read :p. Thanks so much for everything!" AJ - Nov 2, 2021

"Thank you very much. Very kind of you! Is there someplace I can leave a positive review?" Brent - April 26, 2021

Have questions about an order, worm composting, worm bins, or anything else vermi-related? Shoot us an email at highfive@brotherswormfarm.com (or use the contact form here) and our team is happy to help!