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Why Buy Red Wigglers from Brothers Worm Farm?

* Experience: We ship millions of red wiggler compost worms each year throughout the 48 states. Your order is the culmination of tens of thousands of successful shipments!

* Service: We will communicate frequently about your order, provide instructions on caring for live red wiggler worms so you are set-up for success, and are always available to help with any questions at highfive@brotherswormfarm.com.

* Live Delivery Guarantee: We guarantee live delivery of your red wiggler compost worms.

* Free Shipping: All red wiggler and compost worm orders include free shipping!

New to worm composting? Check out our Worm Composting 101 - the Complete Guide to Starting a Worm Bin article for tips and strategies on starting a worm compost bin.

Customer Testimonials

"Received my red wigglers!  They are warm and snug in their new home. I appreciate the great customer service...so refreshing.  Will definitely recommend you to the gardening group in the neighborhood." Felicia W., Saginaw, MI

"The composting worms arrived safely and after 12 hours in their new home are doing great. Thank you for excellent service!" Harold R, Fayetteville, AR

"Shipment received on time and the worms are alive and kicking in their new compost pile. Thanks for everything!"  John G, Los Angeles, CA

Why Buy Red Wiggler Worms?

Red wigglers (aka compost worms, red wrigglers, manure worms, or red worms) are considered some of the best composting worms for several reasons. Red worms:

  • Can quickly consume and process 1/2 their weight in just a few days. 
  • Are easy to take care of and usually require less than 20 minutes per week.
  • Survive and thrive in wider temperature, moisture, and soil pH ranges than other worms. 
  • Can consume many types of organic waste, and they are able to process the waste into rich vermicompost (aka worm castings).

In addition, most composting worms and red wigglers grow to 2-4 inches and are a fantastic protein-rich food for aquarium fish, chickens, pet turtles and lizards!

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What's in Your Order of Compost Worms?

Your order will include red wiggler compost worms in fresh bedding, carefully packed in a branded, reusable sack. Your order will include:

  • Mostly mature adult compost worms 

  • Instructions for unpacking and caring for your live worms.

Our compost worm population includes Eisenia Fetida (aka Red Wigglers) and Perionyx Excavatus (Malaysian Blue). These almost identical species compost and breed exceptionally well and are very similar in appearance).

    When Will Your Red Wrigglers Order Ship?

    We ship on Monday and Tuesday using USPS Priority and UPS. Most packages will arrive in 2-3 days once shipped. 

    We do not ship Wed-Fri due to weekend transit risks, where the worms can perish if they sit in a warehouse or delivery truck all weekend. Most orders received Wed-Sun will ship the following Monday.  

    You will receive an order confirmation after completing your order and a tracking number once the package is shipped.

    **We're sorry that live worms can not yet be shipped to the states of Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.

    What to do When your Red Wrigglers Arrive

    • Like other living creatures, red wrigglers are perishable and will not survive in certain conditions, so as soon as they arrive they should be brought inside.
    • The box with live compost worms should be opened and the cotton sack containing the worms should be opened as well. This helps increase air flow to the live worms and also cool them. NOTE: The worms may seem lethargic at first. This is because they have been confined to a small space and in transit for several days. We do not recommend refrigerating live worms.
    • As soon as possible (within a few hours at a minimum) the red wrigglers should be placed in the bin or pile where they will reside. Since the worms are shipped in their original bedding the entire bag of bedding and worms can be placed in the bin or pile.

    Compost Worms for Sale & Red Wigglers for Sale: Frequently Asked Questions

    How many red wigglers should I buy?

    • For composting in a worm bin we recommend 1 pound of compost worms per square foot of space. If you are starting a stackable worm bin, 1 pound of red wigglers is usually enough for your first tray. If you are new to worm composting, we recommend starting with a smaller order (e.g., 1 pound or less) of live worms until you are comfortable taking care of them.
    • If you are an experienced worm farmer or composter, we recommend 2 pounds of compost worms for every pound of food waste you would like to compost per day.

    Are compost worm bins smelly?

    • No - they shouldn't be if a few simple rules are followed (see our blog for more info). Worm bins should mostly smell slightly musky like grass and dirt.

    How fast will my red wigglers reproduce?

    • As long as bin conditions remain favorable compost worms will reproduce very quickly. Mature red wiggler worms can reproduce as many as 1 cocoon per week, which on average will hatch 1-3 baby worms per cocoon. Upon hatching, baby compost worms will usually reach the juvenile stage and sexual maturity within 6-10 weeks. 

    • Live worm reproduction is impacted by bin conditions, density, feed type, and time of year, so be patient and let nature take over! In good conditions your red wigglers population should reproduce and double in size every 3-6 months.

    Do you ship red wigglers year-round?

    • We ship red wiggler compost worms year round via USPS and UPS Priority and within 1-2 business days of your order (weather or transit times may move some orders to the following Monday).  Delivery times will depend on your location but on average the live worms should arrive within 3 days after Brothers Worm Farm ships them.

    New to worm composting? Check out our Worm Composting 101 - the Complete Guide to Starting a Worm Bin article for tips and strategies on caring for compost worms and starting a worm compost bin.


    We're service-obsessed and committed to making your compost worm order - and vermicomposting journey - a great experience.  Have questions? Email us at highfive@brotherswormfarm.com and we're happy to help!

      Customer Reviews

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      Nancy Rolland
      Got worms

      Arrived in good spirits and chowed down promptly

      Henry W
      Lots of live worms

      I live in Texas so shipping was fast. I immediately opened the package to find a lot of live worms. I was pleased to see the 1/4 lb is only for the worms whereas some places weigh the worms + bedding. The worms are all good as well.

      Randall Womack

      All arrived alive and active. They are busy doing their job now.

      Mary Olle
      Live Composting Worms

      Arrived looking healthy and squirming, thank you!

      Christy F.
      Excellent communication!

      My questions were personally answered and in a timely manner. My worms came quickly and because of tracking I was able to plan and bring them inside right away. Thank you!