Worm Castings for Sale

What are Worm Castings? Worm castings are the nutrient-rich by-product earthworms produce after eating. Castings are a natural, non-toxic soil amendment full of beneficial plant nutrients like nitrogen. Castings significantly enhance plant growth and minimize plant disease and are coveted by the vineyard and cannabis industries, organic farms, and many others.

Brothers Worm Farm Worm Castings: Our production process ensures consistent, pure, and high quality worm castings.  Unlike many worm castings producers, we do not add fillers so our worm castings offer greater benefits at lower application rates. Our compost worms are fed a diverse diet of composted fruits, vegetables, and carbon sources diverted from the Austin, Texas landfills. The result is a rich, all-natural soil amendment full of biologically-diverse bacteria, enzymes, and water-soluble nutrients that help plants thrive.

We test our worm castings with an independent, national lab that specializes in soil biology. The results show castings high in soluble salts, essential nutrients, and beneficial fungal and bacterial feeders.

Click here for product pricing and here for advice on applying castings to your plants, garden, or crops. Have questions? Pleas reach out, we're always happy to help!

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