Lab-tested, Bio-active Earthworm Castings Fresh from our Farm

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What are Castings? Earthworm castings are the nutrient-rich by-product that earthworms produce after eating. Castings are a natural, non-toxic soil amendment full of desirable microorganisms and beneficial plant nutrients. Castings significantly enhance plant growth and minimize plant disease by improving seed germination, soil structure, and nutrient cycling. As a result, castings are coveted by the vineyard and cannabis industries, organic farms, greenhouses and home gardeners.

Our Castings: We use a standardized approach to ensure a consistent, all-natural, and high quality end product for your houseplants, garden, and lawn.

Lab-Tested: Our castings are routinely tested by an independent, national laboratory that specializes in soil biology. The lab results highlight castings that are high in soluble salts, nutrients, and beneficial fungal and bacterial feeders.

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