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Earthworm castings, frequently referred to as "the superfood of plants", are the microbial-rich waste by-product that earthworms produce after eating.  When live worms consume nutrient-rich organic waste (e.g., leaves, plants, fruit), their specialized digestive process converts the waste into an even more nutrient-rich compost called worm castings (aka vermicast, worm humus, or vermicompost). 

Benefits of Earthworm Castings

Earthworm castings are a natural fertilizer full of organic matter, desirable biological microorganisms, and nutrients. Castings are coveted by the vineyard and cannabis industries, organic farms, greenhouses, nurseries, and home gardeners, among others, because of their proven ability to increase plant yield and grow stronger, more drought-resistant plants and vegetables

Castings promote plant growth and health through:

  • A rich population of beneficial fungal and bacterial feeders - This active biology helps create optimal, fertile soil structure and nutrient uptake for plant growth.
  • Improved soil aeration - The size and composition of castings promote air flow and improve water retention, both of which aid in root growth.
  • A high concentration of water soluble nutrients - These nutrients are easy for plants to absorb and better than traditional fertilizers, which are toxic and often lost before plants can absorb them.

In addition, our castings are odor-free, non-toxic, produced by worms that are fed only organic and all-natural ingredients, and 100% chemical-free. Our castings are safe for application around pets and will not harm the environment.

Our Process

Brothers Worm Farm castings are produced from red wiggler and compost earthworms. We have implemented a standardized and repeatable approach to breeding earthworms and producing castings to ensure consistent and quality castings. Our approach includes carefully optimizing the pH and moisture of the bedding we breed earthworms in. We utilize the same bedding ingredients, earthworm counts, and bedding quantities for each batch of castings. In addition, our worms are fed a diverse diet of fruits, vegetables, and carbon-sources diverted from landfills via Austin’s Zero Waste Landfill initiative. The end result is a dark and nutrient-rich product ideal for growing plants, shrubs, vines, fruits, trees, herbs and vegetables.

In addition, we routinely test our casting quality using a national independent soil laboratory. Our test results show a casting rich in organic matter, soluble salts, important bio-available nutrients, and fungal and biological feeders (including beneficial flagellates, nematodes, fungi, and protozoa). This composition helps create healthy soil conditions for optimal seed germination and plant growth.

How to Use Worm Castings

Castings are a versatile soil amendment that can benefit houseplants, flower plants, vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, vines, and fruit plants. Castings can be used indoor or outdoor in potted plants, raised or in-ground gardens, or applied directly to a yard or growing area. They are a substitute for messy compost and manures and toxic fertilizers.

Directions for Use

Due to the rich nutrient composition of worm castings, castings are usually applied in a 1 to 9 (i.e., 10% castings to 90% growing medium) to 1 to 5 (i.e., 20% castings to 80% growing medium) ratio with a potting or bedding medium. Due to the quality of our castings, our laboratory soil experts recommend an application on the lower end (1:10 castings to potting medium) of this range.

As a Potting Mix for New Plants, Vegetables, Fruits, Trees or Seedlings (Indoor or Outdoor): Mix 1 part Castings to 9 parts potting medium before inserting your plant or seedlings.

For Existing Indoor Plants: Sprinkle 1/2 inch to 1 inch of castings on the surface. Knead gently into the soil and water lightly.

To Top Dress Gardens, Lawns & Yards: Apply ~1 to 2 inches, or 1-2 pounds per 10 square feet, to the surface. Gently rake or knead into the soil and water.

For Existing Outdoor Plants, Vegetables, Fruits, Trees, & Shrubs: Sprinkle 1/2 inch to 1 inch of castings on the surface around the base and root area. Rake or knead gently into the soil and water lightly.

For detailed instructions, please check our blog post on applying worm castings to your house plants, potted plants, gardens, lawns, and shrubs!

What's in Your Order?

Your order will include fine, sifted worm castings carefully packed in a burlap sack. 

When Will Your Order Ship?

All orders ship within 2-3 business days via USPS Priority or UPS Ground. You will receive an order confirmation after completing your order and a tracking number once the package is shipped.

**We're sorry that castings can not be shipped to the states of Hawaii or Alaska, or to Puerto Rico.


We're service-obsessed and committed to making your order - and vermicomposting journey - a great experience.  Have questions? Email us at highfive@brotherswormfarm.com and we're happy to help!

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Super friendly owners, easy to find in person, and looks like quality castings. Ask me again in a few months!


Great service.Helpful advice and info. Like any place I shop, it doesn't look like 1000 worms. I would say less than 150

Robin Winn
I had a great experience with Brothers warm farm. Everyone at the site were very helpful.

I visited Brothers worm farm after seeing a segment on the Texas bucket list about a different warm farm. I was creating my garden and wanted to add worm castings and worms. This was a great place close to home. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to increase production in their garden!