Happy Worm Bin Bedding (3 Lbs for 1 Worm Bin Tray)

3.0 lb

A special blend of natural ingredients that has balanced pH, grit to help with worm digestion, and a Carbon to Nitrogen ratio ideal for worm bins. This kit has ~ 3 pounds of bedding, which is enough to start 1 tray or bin for most home vermicompost bins. 

Why Buy Worm Bin Bedding?

Although composting with worms is easy once you get the hang of it, many (us included!) struggle when getting started. The primary reasons for this are 1) over-managing or doing too much to a bin or 2) not having the tools and knowledge to create a quality environment for live worms. 

Happy Worm Bin Bedding was designed to help create an optimal environment for your worm bin or worm compost tray. The bedding serves as an additional food source that will be consumed by the red wigglers, and it retains moisture and provides aeration (both of which will help your worms thrive!).

What's in Your Order?

Your order will include:

  • 1 bag of Happy Worm Bin bedding
  • Instructions for using the bedding in your tray or bin.

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