Bundle Bedding & Chow (Save 15%!)

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What's in Your Bundle?

  • 1 3 lb bag of Happy Worm Bin Bedding
  • 1 1 lb bag of Happy Worm Chow
  • Instructions for using the chow and bedding in your tray or bin.

Worm Bedding Details

Designed to help create an optimal environment for your worm bin or worm compost tray, this bedding is pH-balanced and contains important grit to help worms process food. The bedding also serves as an additional food source for red wigglers, and it retains moisture and provides aeration (both of which will help your worms thrive!).

Worm Chow Details

This chow takes the guesswork out of feeding worms. It's an easy-to-use feed specifically for growing large, healthy worms.  Worm chow is made up of ground corn, wheat, soybean, alfalfa, and molasses. The bag contains 1 pound of chow which should be enough to feed 1/2 to 1 pound of worms for 4-6 weeks.

Looking for a Worm Farm Kit?

If you're looking for a kit that includes bedding, live red wiggler compost worms, worm food, and more, check out our Worm Farm Kit collections.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Robert Fairburn

    Bundle Bedding & Chow (Save 15%!)

    Steve Bledsoe
    First Class Operation

    Ordering Online was easy. Order was shipped promptly. It arrived on time
    and in good shape. it was a pleasure doing business with you

    Arthur Dieter

    Bundle Bedding & Chow (Save 15%!)

    Fredrick B.
    Very Happy

    I was very pleased with the bedding. It was slightly moist, and smelled amazing. The worm food was great and looks to be fresh. I will be returning for all of my worm farm needs. Thank you.