Premium, Bulk Earthworm Castings ($475 per Cubic Yard)

Size: 1/2, 1, and 2 Cubic Yard Sizes - Contact Us for Pricing

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We sell premium, lab-tested earthworm castings in 1, 1.5 and 2 yard bulk sizes as well as full flatbed trailer sizes (35+ Cubic Yards). The worm castings are packaged in FIBC bulk "super sacks" (e.g., 1 ton and 2 ton sacks). 

The castings are for use with crops, fruits and vegetables, yards and lawns, and garden beds. We do not add filler of any kind to our worm castings so the supersacks consist of worm castings and small amounts of other organic matter (and sometimes a few worms!).

Our Process:
Brothers Worm Farm castings are produced from red wiggler and compost earthworms. We have implemented a standardized and repeatable approach to breeding earthworms and producing castings to ensure consistent and quality castings. Our approach includes carefully optimizing the pH and moisture of the bedding we breed earthworms in. We utilize the same bedding ingredients, earthworm counts, and bedding quantities for each batch of castings. In addition, our worms are fed a diverse diet of fruits, vegetables, and carbon-sources diverted from landfills via Austin’s Zero Waste Landfill initiative. The end result is a dark and nutrient-rich product ideal for growing plants, shrubs, vines, fruits, trees, herbs and vegetables.

In addition, we routinely test our casting quality using a national independent soil laboratory. Our test results show a casting rich in organic matter, soluble salts, important bio-available nutrients, and fungal and biological feeders (including beneficial flagellates, nematodes, fungi, and protozoa). This composition helps create healthy soil conditions for optimal seed germination and plant growth.

Castings are a versatile soil amendment that can benefit houseplants, flower plants, vegetables, herbs, annuals, perennials, vines, and fruit plants. Castings can be used indoor or outdoor in potted plants, raised or in-ground gardens, or applied directly to a yard or growing area. They are a substitute for messy compost and manures and toxic fertilizers.

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