The Hungry Bin - Large, Outdoor Vermicomposting System. Add Compost Worms at 20% Off!


The Hungry Bin is an innovative worm composting solution that enables the processing of large amounts - up to 4.5 pounds daily - of organic waste. It is designed for indoor or outdoor use in homes or commercial businesses. Looking for more info on outdoor worm composting? See our article "The Complete Guide to Outdoor Worm Composting with Bin Options, Tips, & What to Avoid".

Why The Hungry Bin?

The Hungry Bin is a clean, simple and easy way to dispose of organic waste using compost worms. The Hungry Bin is a large worm compost bin designed to create an ideal living environment for compost worms. Worms convert organic waste into worm castings, a high-quality fertilizer that is easy to collect from the the Hungry Bin.

How the Hungry Bin Works?

Organic waste is placed in the top of the bin. As compost worms eat the waste in the bin, they convert the waste into worm castings. The castings are pushed down through the bin's tapered design and compressed by the weight of fresh castings above them. The compressed castings are retained in the lower part of the bin, where they can be simply and easily removed when needed for use as plant food or soil conditioner. Under normal operation, the castings will need to be removed from the bin once every two to six months.

Hungry Bin Features

  • Flow-through worm bin design
  • Tapered design compresses castings at bottom and encourages worms to stay active on the surface feeding zone
  • Small footprint, large organic waste capacity
  • Simple design makes harvesting castings easy
  • Modular approach scales to any size waste stream with addition of more Hungry Bins
  • Sturdy, durable materials with large handles, tight-fitting seals, and Zinc-plated legs
  • Includes durable, large wheels for easily moving to a new location in your home or business
  • For indoor or outdoor use

What's Included in your Shipment

  • Hungry Bin and all required parts
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual

The Hungry Bin weighs 26 pounds (empty) and has an operational weight of around 200 pounds.

Please note:

* Due to manufacturer requirements given the size of this item, returns are not available for this item (defects and issues will be taken care of though!). 

* For customers in cold weather environments, it is recommended that the Hungry Bin be located indoors during the winter months in a mild, protected location such as an enclosed garage, basement or insulated shed. In summer months maximize the Hungry Bin's productivity by ideally choosing a sheltered, shady spot – the ideal temperature range is between 60-80 Fahrenheit. Avoid extreme temperatures, particularly full sun in summer, as temperatures over 95 Fahrenheit may kill compost worms. You can wheel your Hungry Bin between different locations depending on the weather conditions or season. If the bin is outdoors in winter, make sure it is not subjected to freezing conditions for extended periods of time.

* Compost worms are not included in your order of the Hungry Bin but can be added (with free shipping!) in our collection of compost worms. It's recommended to start with at least 1 pound of compost worms.


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