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What are Worm Castings? The Full Scoop on Worm Poop

If you're a home gardener you know that finding the right fertilizers and soil amendments can be a dirty business. In this article, we'll give you the rundown on worm castings (aka worm poop) - the product of 500 million years of evolution and an all-natural, highly effective alternative to chemical fertilizers that are an increasingly popular choice among green thumbs.
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Worm Castings vs Compost, Compost vs Worm Castings, are worm castings compost

Compost vs Worm Castings - The Key Differences & Which One to Use in Your Garden

Worm Castings vs Compost? Which is better for your garden, plants, or flower beds? In this post we deep dive into the benefits of worm castings and compost, the key differences and disadvantages of worm castings and compost, and what else to consider when choosing which one to use.
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