The Maze Worm Farm - Customizable & Compact Indoor/Outdoor Composter. Free Shipping!


Designed and produced in Australia from mostly recycled materials diverted from landfills, this stylish yet customizable worm farm fits seamlessly into any area around your home. Unlike other worm bins the Maze Worm Farm will not only take up a small space but will also look great on your balcony, deck or garden!

The Maze Worm Farm worm bin features:

  • 2 stackable, working trays which can be rotated.
  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Easy lift and hang lid design.
  • Stackable tray design and base that optimizes bin aeration.
  • An open drain in the base ensures worm tea won't accumulate and allows optimal air flow from the bottom of the worm bin.
  • A worm saver tray that stops worms falling to the bottom and easily slides out, allowing worm compost and castings to be harvested easily!
  • A 2L flat collection tray at the bottom of the worm farm collects liquid and worm tea as it drains from above.

NOTE: Legs (wood or plastic) are optional add-ons and can be added  in the drop-down above.

The Maze Worm Farm worm bin comes with:

  • 2 Working Trays and Lid (additional trays sold separately)
  • Base (legs sold separately)
  • Worm-saver Tray
  • Liquid Collection Tray
  • Coconut Peat

Compost worms are not included in your order of the Maze Worm Farm but can be added in the ordering options above or in our collection of compost worms


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Customer Reviews

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The Maxe Worm Farm

The Maze Worm Farm is well made and is nice looking. I like that you sent the worm farm first and sent worms separate so that I had time to think about and get their home ready before they arrived. That way there was no delay getting the worms settled as soon as I received them. That tells me also that Brothers Worm Farm cares about health of the worms and my ultimate success. It is a bit early to make a statement about how this will go long term but so far I am very happy. The worms seem to have settled in according to what the instructions indicated. I like that I have an expert to consult if I have a question.