Award-winning Urbalive Worm Compost Bin (Ivory)


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The Urbalive Worm Farm is a stylish and beautifully-designed worm bin and winner of the acclaimed Reddot design award. The Urbalive Worm Farm is designed as an indoor worm compost bin and is a great option for households, apartments, condominiums, school classrooms and offices!

Make your life green, enjoyable, fun, responsible and sustainable! The Urbalive Worm Farm allows you to use food leftovers purposefully. Compost worms or red wigglers (Eisenia fetida or Lumbricus rubellus) easily process household organic waste into a natural fertilizer that gives optimal nutrition and protection on your plants.

  The Urbalive Worm Farm features:

  • 2 stackable tray composting system.
  • Sleek & modern European design and origin.
  • Tight-fitting yet easy to remove lid with tiny holes to promote air flow.
  • Large base with cover keeps worms from migrating downward but allows worm castings and liquid to filter through.
  • Drain spigot for easily removing any liquid that collects in base.
  • Lightweight and portable design with wooden legs included.
  • Color options of light green, anthracite/gray, or ivory.
  • Extremely easy set-up.

The Urbalive Worm Farm worm bin comes with:

  • 2 Working Trays and lid (additional trays sold separately)
  • Base, base cover, and 4 wooden legs
  • Liquid and castings collection area with spigot
  • Set-up how-to guide

The Urbalive Worm Farm measures 20.1" x 15" x 24".

Media Accolades:

Looking for a different color?

We also offer the Urbalive Worm Farm in Gray and Lime as well as worm farm starter kits with bins, bedding, food, and more.


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